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Senior man taking cognitive test in speech therapy session
Speech therapy.
Speech therapy
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Speech therapist
Senior man taking cognitive test in speech therapy session
Speech therapy.
Speech therapy


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Excellence in Speech Therapy

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The Paracletus School offers top-tier Classical education, Structured Literacy, and Multi-sensory language programs for students with language-based disorders.



AAC Doctor

AAC Therapy & Evaluation

Speech Therapy Services

At the Speech and Language Institute, Specialization in augmented and alternative (AAC) communication for complex communicators, in-clinic, telepractice or contracted with schools.

The Speech and Language Institute offers specialized services to children and adults with delayed/severe language and speech and fluency-based challenges in-clinic; telepractice* or contracted with schools.

* Services are offered to qualified patients

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to provide evidence-based speech therapy that is mindful of cultural differences, while simultaneously promoting unity and inclusivity within the community. This is achieved through rigorous education and research, aimed at empowering individuals who face diverse communication challenges.


MYHID! Dyslexia Afterschool Program

My Homework is Done After School Academy (MYHID), a Speech and Language Institute division, is a structured reading therapy program for students with reading difficulties. Structured support for reading and oral language and offered in-clinic by certified academic language specialists with the support of speech therapists. Don’t wait and see; call for a screening today!

Comprehensive Evaluation & Diagnosis

The Speech and Language Institute Resepecfully evaluating nuerodivergent

individuals, adults, and families

offered, in-clinc or at schools.


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The Paracletus School

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Excellence for Children with Learning Differences

The Paracletus School

Children speech therapy concept. Preschooler practicing correct pronunciation with a female speech therapist.
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Our Services & Programs

Speech Therapy Expertise

Alterantive & Augmentative Communcation

Speech Generating Tablet
  • Minimally verbal output
  • Whole-language communicators
  • Hihg-tech and low-tech output
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Severe Articulation & Phonological Disorders; Apraxia

  • Delayed speech
  • Cleft palate
  • Difficult to understand
  • Mumbled speech
  • Groping of mouth movements
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  • Reading below grade level
  • Failed dyslexia screener
  • Articuation impact basic skills
  • Difficulty spelling

Language-based disorders

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  • Dificulty following directions
  • Limited vocabulary for thier age
  • Challenges with understadning what is being said
  • Does not verbally express themselves in a clear and coherent message.
  • Limited/proper use of syntax


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  • Repetition of speech
  • Blocks in speech
  • Eye twitches, turning of the head or other behaviors when trying to talk
  • Family history



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Reduced lanauge and cognitive function from an acquired event

(I.e. stroke)

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Speech-language pathologists are usually the first professionals

to discover the root cause to reading and writing problems (Asha, n.d.).

Gateway to Reading

Oral Language is a critical component in developing phonemic awareness, comprehension, and vocabulary, the building blocks of reading. Targetted instruction intervened by a speech-language pathologist and certified academic language practitioners/therapists who provide a specific lens to support literacy and spoken language development through programs supported by the International Dyslexia Association.

Librarian Helping Student
Photo Of Girl Reading Book
Group of Kids Reading a Book
Children Reading


Oral Language Help, Now...

After School Program

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-Children determined with dyslexia and/or oral language differences

*For students not enrolled in our school-day program


-Use of Orton-Gillingham-based program

-Small groups or individual

-Congruent Reading Level

-Semester Enrollment


-Meets 4-times a week: M-Th

Based on reading level:






--Complete Application Form

-Submit latest IEP/ARD

-Schedule Assessment

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AAC Services

  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication- High and Low Tech
  • Individual AAC Evaluation, Funding & Implementation
  • Professional and Parent AAC Implementation workshops from the beginning to maintenance stages
  • Accessible for all ages
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Augmentative communication in multiple ways through using pictures and symbols to support or enhance language through visual and spoken models.

Alternative is a different way to communicate.

Together AAC are tools and devices that support or replace natural speech.

AAC is a tool that provides access to our way of communicating in the world we live, play and work.

~Dr. Aziegbe

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Teenager girl playing with tablet in living room
Non Verbal Autism Child with Autism Using PECS Cards
Close up of Woman Tablet Pc Having Video Call
Speech therapy.
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AAC Doctor

Evaluation Center

Young female in a speech therapy exercise

Required | Therapy Services

Langauge, Articulation, & Communcation, Fluency

Man Reading A Book

Required| Dyslexia Therapy

Psychological testing the cute little girl at cabinet.

The Paracletus School

| Admissions Requirement

Psychoeducational, Autism Spectrum Disorder, & ADHD


Comprehensive evaluation to establish 'reading challenges' associated with oral and written language difficulties.

  • dyslexia
  • dysgraphia
  • phonological awareness
  • decoding
  • reading fluency and comprehension
  • rapid naming

Comprehensive evaluation to establish a learning and behavioral profile for the following:

  • Intellectual or cognitive ability
  • Auditory and visual processing
  • Oral and written language
  • Pre-academic and academic skill
  • Attention and Behavior, Social functioning
  • Fine Motor

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Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation

  • language
  • articulation
  • apraxia
  • fluency
  • social pragmatics
Children speech therapy,Slovakia
Meeting in the Library

Contracted School Speech Assessments & ARD Facilitation

Comprehensive speech and language evaluations, including fluency and voice, to establish or re-establish the academic need for speech services.

  • AAC evaluations for complex communicators

ARD Facilitation for Speech Services

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Services offered

in-clinic &

Telepractice for all of Texas


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+Evaluation Center


Business Hours

Gladly accepting the following:


Texas Childrens Medicaid


-Financing available for therapy session packages.

Monday - Friday: 4pm – 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Tel: 281-393-8833

Pearland, Texas 77581